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Mosquitoes swarm Low country after Matthew – October 18, 2016

Hurricane Matthew left behind more than uprooted trees, flooded homes and muddy properties. The storm’s heavy rainfall in the Lowcountry unleashed mosquitoes, whose increased presence has not gone unnoticed. That’s why Dorchester County is using two trucks to conduct ground spraying during the week. The trucks spray six different zones 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday through Friday and use chemicals Permanone Ready-to-use and/or Pursuit/4-4 ULV to kill squelch mosquitoes, county officials said. Avoid Mosquitoes—most species bite during dawn, dusk, twilight hours and night. Some species bite during the day, especially in wooded or other shaded areas. Avoid exposure during these times and in these areas. Wear insect repellant with DEET.

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