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Northwest Iowa resident’s death first from West Nile since 2010

RadioIowa – October 25, 2016 The Iowa Department of Public Health has confirmed the death of an elderly northwest Iowa resident from the West Nile Virus. Doctor Patricia Quinlisk, the department’s medical director, says this is the first West Nile death … more

Hurricane aftermath makes for mosquitoes, lots and lots of them – October 25, 2016 Hurricane Matthew didn’t just bring down trees and power lines as it blew through coastal Georgia. The storm that hit Liberty County on Oct. 7 also led to what County Officials termed “a huge onslaught of … more

Driving mosquito evolution to fight Malaria

UC Berkeley News – October 24, 2016 One of the frustrations of fighting malaria is that mosquitoes evolve resistance to the insecticides used to kill them. Now researchers from Exeter University in the United Kingdom and the University of California, … more

Nearly 1,000 pregnant US women have Zika

Becker’s Hospital Review – October 21, 2016 In the U.S., the number of pregnant women with the virus continues to grow: 953 pregnant women had the virus as of Oct. 20, up from 899 reported as of Oct. 13. Read … more

Mosquitoes swarm Low country after Matthew – October 18, 2016 Hurricane Matthew left behind more than uprooted trees, flooded homes and muddy properties. The storm’s heavy rainfall in the Lowcountry unleashed mosquitoes, whose increased presence has not gone unnoticed. That’s why Dorchester County is using two … more

CDC Working with Florida to Respond to New Active Zika Transmission Area in Miami-Dade County

Infection Control Today – October 14, 2016 CDC and Florida identify new area in Miami-Dade County were Zika is active in mosquitoes.  Five more individuals are infected.  The Florida Department of Health (FLDOH) has evidence that Zika is only actively being … more

New Mexico reports three more West Nile virus cases

Officials advise residents to use an approved insect repellent every time they go outside to protect yourself, and follow the instructions on the label. Among the Environmental Protection Agency-approved repellents are those that contain DEET, picaridin, IR3535 and oil of … more

Zika contracted by touching tears, sweat in Utah patient

Fox News Health – Utah man may have contracted Zika through father’s tears in unique case September 29, 2016 New research found the unusual transmission method was likely caused by his dying father having 100,000 times the normal level of … more

La Crosse encephalitis in Western NC hospitalizes a patient

The Mountaineer – Encephalitis case confirmed in Haywood September 29, 2016 Sarah Henderson, the Health Department’s communicable disease nurse, said the diagnosed strain, La Crosse Encephalitis Virus (LACV), is spread by mosquitoes and has been reported in the county in … more

Ohio officials concerned about WNV

WCMH-NBC  TV    Columbus, OH (31)  NBC 4 at 11 Sep 21 2016 11:00PM ET Officials remind people to avoid catching the West Nile Virus, you should wear insect repellent with DEET, limit your time outside at dusk and dawn, eliminate standing water around your home. Read Full … more

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